Annulled Marriages – What’s that?!

Annulment. This is not a topic that typically comes up in polite conversation. What is it and when/why is it important?

My friends’ son is married to a sweet young lady. They appeared to have a great relationship. My wife mentioned that his wife did not want kids. I was shocked. He wanted kids – lots of kids.

They are candidates for annulling the marriage as opposed to divorce. Annulling a marriage essentially means that the marriage never took place – it is a nullity.

Divorce says the marriage failed and – this is the distinction with annulment – in a divorce there is a statutory property settlement. Not so in annulled marriages. If the marriage, as a matter of law, never took place, there is no marital property to share. There are no rights as a spouse, because the marriage never existed.  There are a number of other reasons why a marriage can be annulled.

Annulled marriages, as a matter of law, are an important option for couples like my friends son.


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